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Petro White LLC

Petro White QFZ LLC is a recently established petroleum refinery located in the heart of Doha. Although the company has just started operating, but it is run by people with 20 years of international experience in the industry from the CEO to the core employees. Petrowhite’s main operations are blending , filling and packing of liquid chemical oil products such as petroleum jelly and White oil and is also a logistics and service provider to Permian Wax , which is a petroleum byproducts trading company.


Anahita Trading and contracting

Qatar’s fast pace of growth and development to provide world class infrastructure provides tremendous opportunities in the construction business. As Qatar is hosting this highly anticipated global event, construction projects are one of the main requirements to provide facilities for handling the rush of visitors to Qatar during this huge event. In addition to this, Qatar has been very active in terms of doing trade and business with the neighboring countries and beyond.

Anahita Trading and Contracting can supply building materials of high quality from various resources at competitive prices.
Anahita Trading and Contracting is a member of Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry (QCCI).


doha resin trading

Following our goal of business diversification, another field of business that work on is chemicals especially in Resins. . We are partners with experts in the area of Resins production and marketing. We offer opportunities for investments in Manufacturing and Trading of various types of Resins.

Doha Resin is a member of Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry (QCCI).


permian energy trading

A crucial element of Qatar’s economy is oil and gas industry. Having the know-how helps us to provide exclusive services to this industry. The activities of Permian Energy Trading include petroleum products and its derivatives including petrochemicals. Petroleum products and its derivatives give us a more widened range of target markets and businesses that we can work with.

Permian Energy Trading is a member of Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry (QCCI).

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